Why spend your money on college tuition when you are eligible for a scholarship! Grades, talent, experience all matters but sometimes your ability to find a scholarship beats all. It depends on how much you research and find your dream scholarship, the one that matches all of your criterias, but before searching for scholarships you need to make sure whether you are eligible or not. Do you meet the eligibility criteria?

Here are some of the requirements that mostly undergraduate scholarships require.

You are more likely to get scholarships from colleges if you do well in high school. If you are currently a highschool student or if you are looking for a left handed scholarships or even right handed, work hard, study hard and score well. If you want to beat competition try giving AP exams. Similarly, if you are doing british A levels then take good grades in your A levels. For undergraduate scholarships most of the time, It is only your performance in exams that gives you the scholarship. If you are enrolled in some other intermediate system of education, apart from the two mentioned above, then it does not matter, the point is your performance in exams needs to be excellent.

Some scholarships are given on the basis of essays, if you can write brilliantly then you have a sure shot at this one. However, there are very few colleges who do this.


Although there are enormous scholarships offered by many colleges, the most popular scholarships are mostly from US, UK, Australia and Germany.

The minimum GPA requirement in majority cases is 3.00 or 70%, but keep in mind there is serious competition so if you need to raise above the average, you need to score more.

When it comes to postgraduate scholarships, there is a requirement of high GRE score and most of the time, this is the factor which decides whether you will get the scholarship or not.

If you are interested in getting an MBA scholarship, then you will have to get work experience of at least two years. In some cases, work experience just looks good on your application but in case of business studies it is required.

Try to do at least one internship at a reputable firm or organization. Remember, in practical life it is less about books and more about your ability to work.

Letters of recommendation are categorized as academic and professional. You can ask your college professor or you can ask your boss or incharge to write a letter of recommendation for you.

Some scholarships require this and some don’t. These are some of the points you need to keep in mind before you hunt for a scholarship. Best of luck!