The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Left Handed Scholarship

The year is 1919. Tennis coaches are busy pairing students for a practice tennis game. A young man is eager for a partner. On the left corner of one the courts, a young girl swings her racket waiting for a partner.

Time is running and the coaches have to make a decision. It turns out the boy has to be paired with the girl. Reason? All the other
students were already in pairs.

But only the coaches knew that both Frederick Beckley and Mary Francis were actually left-handed! Well, 4 years from the match day and Mary would wed Frederick. Many years later, Juniata College would receive $24000 from the couple to set up the only verified scholarship fund for left handers – the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley scholarship.

How successful is the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley scholarship?

Over 40 left-handers have successfully been funded through the program. The scholarship awarding process is competitive due to the many applications received by the awarding committee.

The scholarship is also very popular due to its oneness plus it has already been reviewed in reputable publications including the Wall Street journal.

How much is the scholarship?

• The scholarship amounts to between $1000 – $1500 per annum.

Once awarded, you will receive funding until you graduate.

Who qualifies?

Being a southpaw doesn’t give you an automatic ticket to the fund, you must meet some tight selection criteria;

1. The scholarship is strictly for lefties.

2. You must be a student at Juniata College, Pennsylvania.

3. You must have been a student at Juniata for at least one year.

4. Academically, you need to average at least 3.39 GPA mark. The selecting committee will prefer those involved in campus leadership.

5. You must demonstrate financial need.

6. All courses are funded provided the other conditions are satisfied.

How to apply

Seeing that you have to be a student in Juniata, you simply request an application form at the financial planning office. Don’t forget to mention that you are applying for the left-handed scholarship.

Here is what you do next;

1. Complete the issued form objectively.

2. Prepare a list of referees who can attest that you are surely a left-hander.

3. Prepare a certificate of your grades, recommendations, and testimonials.

4. Obtain evidence of holding a leadership position if you are in leadership.

5. Prepare a statement to prove financial need.

Application deadline;

Check the College website. Alternatively, enquire from the financial planning office as you collect the form.

How do you win the scholarship?

1. Excellence in academics and leadership.

2. Producing a very clear proof of financial need.

3. Straight-forward confirmation of left-handedness.

4. Honesty during the entire process. Especially, express the challenges you face as a left-hander in life.


Around 10% of Americans are left-handed. This coupled with a sustained increase in college fees for the last few years have made the demand for scholarships to shoot to an all-time high.

To win unique scholarships such as Frederick and Mary F. Beckley scholarship, therefore, requires uniqueness. You need to impress the admitting committee be letting your personality through and through.

Remember to produce any other information that you believe could help you win the scholarship for example, you can mention a past personal achievement especially if its not on something commonly done by left handers.