General Information

The cost of college can be very cost-prohibitive and intimidating for many would-be students. Federal financial aid and Pell grants often aren’t enough to complete a full degree and student loans can plunge people into debt for years. Thankfully, there is other help available – scholarships!

There are scholarships available for any number of circumstances. Whether you are a non-traditional student or from an ethnic minority or disabled, there are scholarships available. Every state in the country has its own scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. Colleges and universities have help available. The point is, there is loads of school money available if you know where to look and how to apply.

In general, every scholarship out there has a specific website that offers details and applications for whatever help it offers. Also, every scholarship has a process. Sometimes, it is required that a student maintains a certain grade point average (G.P.A.) and writes and essay on a given topic. Sometimes they require involvement with a certain group or activity. Some put great importance on SAT and ACT scores in high school. Others are built for specific life circumstances or income levels. Generally, any scholarship requires a combination of the things before a person can be considered. Below are details for two sites that I have found very helpful while I have been studying scholarships.

This site is beautifully organized! It has a vast directory of various scholarships, listed by type, career, by state, etc. Each link works seamlessly and each specific scholarship has a link of its own that will lead you to its site and also lists, briefly, what requirements there are and how to contact the right people for further information.


This site also offers a huge directory of scholarships, initially categorized by type. I found some delightfully fun scholarships on this site under the “Weird Scholarships” tab! The links work well and there are good details for the scholarships to be found.

There are numerous other sites online that will help you find scholarships that are right for you. The ones I listed did not require me to sign up for their search service before I could look around so they are not only well-detailed, they do not require a commitment from you before you can learn something.

While the internet is chalk FULL of resources, I strongly suggest to any student that they look right at home for help with school also. Check with your local high schools and colleges. Talk to local business that might offer help for school. Check with your church and your sports coaches. You never know where you might find an opportunity to fund your education.