How To Write An Essay

Writing an essay seems to be the most feared task by many individuals especially students. Essays have become a norm and a part of life mostly when scholarship and academic decisions are involved. It is a task that many refer as overwhelming but in real sense with a know-how of writing an essay, it is easy to attain a flow to exciting results.
Most essays take a repetitive form commonly referred to as the hamburgers essay. It means that the body of the essay makes the essential information, while the introduction and conclusion paragraphs are in every way the same. The rest of this article will explain in steps the simple process of composing an excellent essay for all purposes because the structure is always the same.
Step 1: Choose a topic
In most instances, you will have a topic assigned to you to write about, but in others, you will have some freedom to choose what you are comfortable with. If you have a topic picked out for you, all you have to do is decide if you will produce an essay based on specific analysis or the general overview. If necessary narrow your focus.
It gets easier if you have not be assigned any particular topic. You get to write and portray skills about the subject you feel that you understand the most or relevant to you.
Step 2: Prepare a thesis/outline of your essay
Organize what you’re thinking. Create links by connecting what is already in your mind and jotting it down on paper. This way your ideas become clear and forms the foundation of what you are putting down on paper. A diagram or an outline works fantastic in organizing ideas.
Step 3: Write a statement of your ideas
The statement is usually in two parts to directly inform the reader the main ideas and point of your essay. The first section of the essay is the topic and the second part, the point of your essay.
Step 4: Write the paragraphs for the body
The sections on the body of the essay explain the topic. Each idea you come up with becomes part of the body on the essay having a structure that is similar. The main idea arrives in the introduction sentence. The supporting ideas are arranged in sentence accompanied with detailed relevant examples.
Step 5: Write the introduction
The presentation should be interesting to capture the reader’s attention and show the focus intended on your essay. A story, dialogue or a simple quote is enough to do the trick. But make sure it is relevant to the rest of the piece.
Step 6: Write the conclusion
The conclusion just sums up all you have written about while at the same time provide a final insight on your topic. It should consist of about 3-5 sentences which are obtained from your main points.
Step 7: Add some final touches
The conclusion is not the end of the essay. Review your essay and finally ensure that your strong points come in first and last paragraphs and the rest in the middle. Every paragraph should be relevant to the topic while maintaining sense in the right order.
The above steps have explained on how to write an essay whatever the purpose, always ensure that you check for mistakes before submitting and you will realize that essay writing is not as hard as it seems.