Starbucks Scholarships

Brewing coffee in one of the most famous coffee chains in the world has never been so exciting. Starbucks, as a means to help its partners (employees), has initiated a program called the “Starbucks College Achievement Plan”, and this gives the eligible participants the opportunity to have a full bachelor’s degree of their choice without shelling out a single cent.

Whether or not the individual is taking up full-time load for their courses, Starbucks offers a well-rounded support to American college students in pursuing their dreams. Not only could successful candidates gain the benefit of having full tuition coverage for every single year of their undergraduate studies, but these individuals can also have the advantage of gaining a full academic support. Some of these include a 24/7 online consultation and tutoring options for several subjects. However, the only limitation that can be seen in this particular program is that such scholarship and support can only be granted to students of the Arizona State University, as this is the institution which has passed severe scrutiny and assessment by the Starbucks officials.

Another unique benefit that the Starbucks College Achievement Plan offers is that one need not be a college student yet before taking the hold onto their dreams. In the case that there may be some deficiencies in school records due to the lack of appropriate subjects taken, Starbucks employees can take up and complete up to ten FREE freshmen-level courses for their perusal, and they can take these for as many times they want. This would easily allow them to fill in any gaps which they may have incurred during the previous years, and it only allows them to be much more inspired—just because circumstances did not go well in the past does not mean that this will go on until the end.

Employees without a bachelor’s degree who have gained at least three months of working experience, 20 hours per week in any Starbucks branch in the USA can apply. Once registration and enrolment for class listings have been accomplished, the individual can expect the tuition fee reimbursement in their Starbucks salary pay checks six weeks after the end of the semester. Alternative sources of funds should be acquired as tuition fees have to be paid upfront upon enrolment. Individuals not enrolled in Arizona State University can also opt to have a transfer of their course load from their original college or university.