Texas Christian University Scholarships and More

Acceptable considerations have been propagated in the scholarship programs offered by the Texas Christian University. However, as with most scholarship requirements, students with particularly high GPA or those with extraordinary academic achievements are encouraged to apply, and usually, only those who meet the standardized grades can be eligible for the financial aids. But while the school boasts of its representational population of having 71 countries on campus, interested students should not be too wary about the competition that goes along the way—about thirteen different scholarship program options are available for both freshman and transfer students alike, with varying amounts of grants that would depend on their ranking and ACT, SAT scores and/or rank in class, so they would have greater chances of paying a relatively lower amount of tuition fees.

Freshman students are welcome to apply for five different scholarships. The overall GPA should be at a minimum of 3.67, and a student should at least be ranked of being included in the top 13% of their class. The following are available for their application:

Chancellor Scholarship: Full tuition coverage for four years. Overall GPA requirement: at least 3.98.

Dean’s scholarship: Consists of $20,000.00 per year of financial coverage. Overall GPA requirement: at least 3.86.

Faculty Scholarship: $16,000.00 per year of aid. Overall GPA requirement: at least 3.74.

Texas Christian University Scholarship: $13,000.00 available funding per year. Overall GPA requirement: at least 3.7.

Founder’s Scholarship: $10,000.00 per year of financial aid. Overall GPA requirement: at least 3.67.

Transfer students, however, have a smaller range of tuition grants allowed for their partaking, but these types only require a lower overall GPA assessment of 3.25, along with other admission prerequisites such as essays or outstanding qualifications and awards attained from their previous instition/s. They have eight different scholarship programs to choose from, and as they already have had some undergraduate experience, they should have a minimum of 27 transferrable college hours in their student record. Also, it has to be noted that a student can only have one type of scholarship program, and that a renewal for aid for the following year/s would be determined by his or her cumulative Texas Christian University GPA.

Typically, application to these scholarship programs end by April, and those who would fall for consideration acceptances would be notified either by August or December of the same year. Notice of scholarship grants would be mailed directly to the student benefactors after three weeks of being given notification of his or her admission to the University.

More information can be found in the Texas Christian University’s website at https://admissions.tcu.edu/cost-aid/tcu-scholarships/#tr-scholarships.