McDonald’s Scholarship

McDonald’s is one of the biggest players in America’s fast food industry. The success of the restaurant chain has enabled it to sustain its growth and strong customer base over the years. With its financial success, the company is actively involved in charitable programs in order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. This is achieved through the Ronald McDonald’s House Charities (RMHC), one of them being academic McDonalds Scholarships.

McDonalds scholarships target the financially challenged students. Since its creation in 1985, over $44 million has been disbursed to educate needy students.

The scholarship programs
The program relies on local chapters to administer the college scholarships. The chapters are distributed in different parts of the countries and offer several programs:
RMHC Scholars – applies to all applicants, from all races, nationalities, color, religion, sexual orientation, with or without disability, who meet the qualification criteria
RMHC Asia – reserved for applicants with at least one parent of Asian or Pacific Island heritage
RMHC African American Future Achievers Scholarship – reserved for applicants with at least one parent who is African American
, or Black Carribean.
RMHC Hacer – for applicants with at least one parent of Hispanic descent

The qualifications for all the above programs are pretty standard:
1. Be a graduating high school senior
2. Less than 21years of age
3. Qualify for a 2-4yr academic college program
4. Be a resident of an area represented by an RMHC local chapter
5. Able to demonstrate financial need
6. Submit all application documents and requirements in time.

Application for McDonalds scholarships
The application window is from 1st October to 20th December. Applicants are required to submit the following documents:
i) Educational transcripts, GPA (subject to minimum cut off as per local chapter), and SATs/ACTs when applicable
ii) A 1000 word essay
iii) Letters of recommendation

McDonalds scholarships winners
The selection criterion mainly focuses on the level of financial need, community involvement of the participant, essay contest, and academic performance. The benefits of the RMHC scholarship vary. Some of the beneficiary full tuition cover of up to $100,000 spread out over four years. Other participants may be awarded varying amounts, with the minimum being $1,000. Even if you are not left handed, you could also qualify for this scholarship as well.

In general, McDonalds scholarship offer opportunities to financially challenged students, and even more tailored to benefit the disadvantaged minorities. It is an exemplary philanthropic program from the great chain restaurant that not only feeds the nation but also educates them.