Merit-Based Scholarships for New and currently enrolled students

Merit-Based Scholarships for New and currently enrolled students

Winning a scholarship is always a student’s dream. It not only provides assistance financially but is also an achievement worth displaying on your Curriculum Vitae (CV). However, reaching to the finish line where you actually have won a scholarship, is a BIG task in itself. Some merit scholarships are offered by the Universities to the students already in their 2nd year of studies. It is much easier to apply for them since it avoids all the hassle of writing motivation letter or writing the Essays (don’t forget the word count). While the other category of scholarships include Merit-based scholarships offered to the Fresh students. Now these are pretty hard to get, but don’t feel bad yet, since the winners are also usually like you (they don’t come with an extra toe or third eye at the back of head) …

So back to the point, what is needed to apply for fresh merit-based scholarships. I have conjured up a list from my experience of applications (trust me I have been in this haul for too long 😉 and enjoys every second of it)

  1. GPA (Grade Point Average)

Good percentages on your last transcript is important BUT is not the only key to unlock the scholarship door. Yes, newcomers believe once they score a good percentage, nothing can stop them. Well, that is definitely not the case. It serves as a stepping stop along with the other requirements given below.

  1. Social Butterfly

Stay an active member of student organizations (Debate clubs, Art clubs etc.). Volunteer whenever you have free time. Time is better if it is spent in social work rather than partying because there you can’t get any reference email or a certificate to show off to your employees OR on your CV from the overnight dancing or whatever you usually do.

  1. Essay writing

It is usually not the requirement, but still essay writing makes its appearance now and then. Specific length is allowed (1000 words etc.). It is an intimidating task. Keeping the topic in mind jot down the important points that come to your mind. Arrange the sequence and then give a nice pointer heading to catch the eye of reader. See our homepage for more info!

Tip: try not to follow the generic pattern of certain topics.

  1. Nationality

Some scholarship categories are restricted by the Nationality. I have seen a number of options limited to students from developing countries. Some also for calamity-stricken areas. Some offered by the governmental institutions to ease the financial burden of students going abroad with the clause that students come back to their own country and then work in governmental institutes for next 3 years.

TIP: Keep your eyes open for all attachments on the notice boards. You never know what new options you can discover.

  1. Letter of Motivation

Writing a letter of motivation is hard for some people like me. It is always a challenge to put yourself out there in front of everyone to decide if you are worth the scholarship or not. Read some good examples on motivation letters available Online. Compare their statements with your personality. After few attempts you will see a light breaking its way and TADAAA now you know what and how can you express yourself enough.

TIP: Personalize your motivation letter. The judges won’t haunt you down if they see a little glimpse of you in that letter (vulnerable or NOT). Don’t just Ctrl+C (copy) and then Ctrl+P(Paste).