MRCA Foundation Scholarship

Who would have ever thought that just by being left-handed, a scholarship that would further pave the way to higher education could be granted? Some difficulties might have been discovered while struggling through school, but putting aside the experiences of having a hand smudged with the ink or the lead of pens and pencils alike, making use of this grant would be very handy indeed.
A scholarship program established by the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) gives left-handed first year college students the chance to have additional funds to come in. MRCA is known for actively promoting good methods in contracting for better roofing structures, and it is an independent association that started from the roots since the 1940s. Until today, the company delivers a wide range of services, and they intend to give back to the employees who have worked very hard for them by executing a scholarship platform meant exclusively for educational purposes.
The potential candidates, aside from them being family members of employees of MRCA, must be enrolled in any school or must at least have a notice about being provisionally accepted before applying. Any type of school would do, and they do not discriminate should an applicant go to a college, a trade school or even a university. A grade requirement of 3.0 or B is needed for individuals to be able to be eligible, and a student must pursue any degree related to the construction industry for this to happen.
Usually, the grant amount reaches up to $1,000.00, but as with other scholarship platforms, this would just depend on the performance and the evaluation on the student applying. MRCA encourages researches and further studies that would lead to increase in the development in the topics of construction and roofing.
To be able to qualify, the applicants must submit their complete transcript of records as well as recommendation letters and an essay as to why they are interested in doing courses connected with construction. As left-handed individuals are known for their creativity, it will definitely be a breeze to tackle any essays or requirements which the good organization is requiring. The Board of Directors will be the ones to gauge the accomplishments of the applicants, and it will be to their judgement if any would be able to be given the award money.
Application usually ends at the Fall season, so those June blues would have to be swept away prior to submitting a form of intent for this scholarship program.