Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme, 2018

Oxford Graduate Scholarships were developed through a profound new planned sponsoring movement to enable the arrangement of totally financed stipends for graduate understudies of the most important bore from over the world. The University contributes 40% of the advantages for these stipends, together with 60% from liberal endowments gave by supporters of the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust, including Foundation Hoffmann. Foundation Hoffmann is a Swiss-based give making association supporting the advancement and expansion of strong endeavors which address overall issues in the present social requests.

Remembering the true objective to be considered for this concede, you ought to pick the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Program in the University of Oxford Scholarships portion of the University’s graduate application edge and present your application for graduate examination by the correlated January due date for your course (8 or 19 January 2018).

Level of Studies: Masters Programs

The allowance will cover 100% of University and school costs and a given for everyday costs (or at any rate £14,553). Respects are made for the full traverse of your cost chance for the agreed course.

Allow Eligibility: You should apply to start another graduate course at Oxford.

You should review the information underneath to see the whole once-over of qualified courses. You ought to in like manner be ordinarily tenant out of one of the qualified countries recorded.

You should plan to return to your country of the normal home once your course is done. Understudies at the show at Oxford have not met all requirements to apply unless they are starting at now Weidenfeld-Hoffmann analysts.

You should have the ability to demonstrate a relationship between your subject of study and you’re more drawn out term livelihood targets, elucidating how you see your masterwork adding to the difference in open life in your country of the beginning stage or at a broader commonplace or overall level.

Additional Information:

To be fit the bill for thought for this give, competitors must be productive in being offered a place on their course after the idea of uses got by the pertinent January due date for the course. Course applications which are held over after the January due date to be re-evaluated against applications got by the March due date or course applications which have been put on a sitting tight summary are not fit the bill for conceding though.