There’s Money In A Lefty

Students all across the world are struggling to pay for their classes and the student loan debt they’ve built up. It’s such a shame to see hard working students drop out of college because their wallet is too thin, or empty. Whether you go to a university, community college or a technical school, money doesn’t last forever I’m afraid. That’s why we have money available to these students, to all students in fact. First you must get online and find them, it isn’t hard! Their everywhere on the web. Next is finding which scholarship is right for you, or left? Let’s look at some scholarships meant for you lefty’s!(All scholarships taken from Link 1)
The first one we’ll look at is the “Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund“. At $2500 the American Culinary Federation awards this money to left-handed high school students majoring in culinary or pastry arts in an accredited college. So if you can cook and you chop onions with your left and not your right, then this is worth checking out!
At $3500 we have the “Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship” for left-handed animal lovers. It is given by The Humane Society every year with a deadline of March 25th. To qualify you need to be a graduating high school student, live in New England, be accepted to an accredited U.S. college, and of course be left-handed. Though what if I’m right-handed, I still love animals. Oh well, I guess I’ll miss out on this one.
The next one is pretty interesting. “The Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship” is awarded to students suffering with this disorder at a whopping $2000. Though, what does that have to do with being a lefty? Well the scholarship began after statistics showed that being left-handed increased your chances of having ADHD. So while us righty’s can get this one, we have to thank our lefty’s for sparking the flame, if you will.
I love a sweet tooth, more specifically the sweets I treat it with, and this next one brings me to my sugary home. “The John Kitt Memorial Scholarship” goes for an amazing $5000, awarded by The American Association of Candy Technologists. To qualify, you need to be no lower than a sophomore attending a four year university and be majoring in food science, culinary arts, chemistry, etc. Once again it seems this award only goes to the lefty’s.
I’m actually surprised there are so many more scholarships just for left handed students. It makes me want to find some for right handed students like myself. Though, I know for a fact I will find some. Not only the amount but the variety of scholarships have increased exponentially over the years. There’s money out there for every student, and as we’ve seen in this article, lefty’s have a good number of them.
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