Paying For College And Left Handed Scholarships

With many current college students searching for additional financial aid to cover rising academic costs, the search for the best scholarship can seem never ending. With millions of dollars worth of scholarships that go unclaimed every year due to the lack of applying or waiting too late, student’s can get a head start on applying to get it out of the way. On average there are only one out of ten students who will receive some type of scholarship to cover college costs.
Many scholarships are awarded on the merit of academic excellence, community service or out of financial need. There are other scholarships that are awarded which are considered less traditional. For instance, there are left handed scholarships just for people who have the unique quality of being left handed. So why can’t left handed people can be rewarded because of this? Especially since most of the world is designed around right handed people; lefties can earn on average 26% more annually than their right handed counterparts.

Being left handed is NOT considered a handicap in the eyes of the government or academic institutions although there have many rumors otherwise.

Why would schools offer scholarships specifically for those that are left handed? There are actually a couple of reasons, but the main reason is because most school equipment is made for right handed people which could lead to difficulties for the left handed people out there. To give you a couple examples, think about the computer lab at most colleges, they all have the mouse on the right side of the keyboard and some of them even lock it d Getting awared left handed scholarships may not be the goal of every college student, but these types of programs exist, although rare.own so it can’t be moved. Think about the desks at most colleges, almost all of them are set up so students can put their books on the left side and write on the right side. This makes it difficult for those who are left handed to take notes and keep up with the professor. This is why some colleges are starting to offer left handed scholarships.
Another reason many colleges choose to offer left handed scholarships is because of academic reasons. Studies reveal that left handed people that go to college actually perform at a higher level than the right handed people. Studies also reveal that left handed people who graduate from college go on to earn significantly more money than their right handed classmates.  Those who are left handed typically do better than the right handed. So if you are left handed and want to know how to go about receiving a left handed scholarship, you need to understand that just like any scholarship, there will be a lot of competition and you really need to make yourself stand out. Think of places you can volunteer, be active in your school, and show the colleges that you have great leadership ability. Ehow has an excellent article here too.
If you are left handed and athletic, there are many college out there who are looking for left handed people on their sports teams. Everyone that follows sports knows that for most sports, you actually have an advantage if you are left handed. This is because other athletes are not used to facing left handed athletes.
There are left handed scholarships out there, but they won’t just be handed to you. You have to work hard at getting them just like you do with any other scholarship, the best way to get the scholarship is to work hard in school and show everyone you have great leadership ability.

Having extra money to help pay for school can help any student in the lond run. While we do not suggest that you try to pay for your school soley with left handed scholarships or scholarship programs, by applying to various programs in and out of your school, you could decrease the amount of money borrowed privately or better yet, increase the amount of hours that you are taking in school. Depending on your income and your age, you will also be eligble for grant programs. Although there are very few left handed grants, you may be able to find different types of programs that best suit you.

Whether you are young or old it is important to get some form of education. As the competitiveness of the United States workplace continues to increase gaining an edge will only help you. Many jobs that pay $24,000 per year and above may require you to have a Masters degree of some type. We have known many people to just get a general degree in order to have this piece of paper. Later on you may decide that you might want to get your Masters in business ministration. Having an MBA will also help increase your competitiveness as well as how much you make on a yearly basis. Whether you are able to find the perfect left-handed scholarship or grant for your situation is questionable but there are many different types of scholarship awards that you could find online. Many companies give away yearly awards while some will give away a scholarship on a monthly basis. The Corporation that we link to on our home page and in this post is one of the companies that gives away a scholarship each month to the United States students.

If you have been thinking about going back to school then applying for both left-handed scholarships and regular type of scholarship programs and grants benefit you greatly. As we mentioned earlier, we do not recommend that you try to find your entire education with either a scholarship or grant unless you have previously been awarded, but it is a perfect way to offset any type of cost that you may incur when you are at college. Taking the time each week to study and research with your financial officer on the different types of programs that are available for you will benefit you greatly even if you are not awarded money that semester. Understanding how these programs work will help you in deciding which ones will be perfect for your situation at school.