Scholarships based on Family Names

Scholarships is the best solution for financing your college education. Hundreds of million dollars are granted yearly to students in the name of scholarships. Some offer full course of 4 years of education while other requires you to maintain a certain level of Grade Point Average to continue the blessing of this aid. However, sometimes you are entitled to a scholarship just because of your FAMILY NAME. Huhhh that easy !!! yeah so if you Or your siblings can’t afford to pay for college, the best is to name the future kids according to this information. Having these names might give them a chance to go through college without having to worry about student loans or other financial stresses. Following Names are granted with scholarships

DISCLAIMER: I will not be responsible for the wrath of your kids when they are being mocked at due to these names.

  1. Harvard University

The prestigious Harvard University is also an option for a full paid scholarship if the applicant’s family name ends with one of the following:

  1. Baxendale

  2. Hudson

  3. Thayer

  4. Downer

  5. Bright

  1. Loyola University Chicago

If you are Catholic and your registered family name is Zolp, no matter how much hard time you got in high school, it’s all going to get paid off NOW. Apply to the Loyola University and get a scholarship full time, 4 years of your college. Man you are so lucky. You just need to provide a confirmation certificate to get it.

  1. Texas A & M University

Hello Mr./Miss Scarpinato, you are privileged to a full time scholarship during attending your graduate program at Texas A & M University. It will pay for all your attending courses during the 4-year degree at the Texas University.

  1. North Carolina State University

The John Gatling Grant is responsible for providing financial assistance to students with the family name of Gatling or Gatlin. John Gatling was a real estate developer in Raleigh, North Carolina. The requirements for this scholarship is to get an acceptance letter for any program in NC University latest April 1, fill in the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) till March 1, provide the undergraduate admission forms till February 1, submit a copy of birth certificate for the purpose of Name confirmation (Gatling or Gatlin). All these documents are to be submitted to the Students & Financial Aid office in NC State University. Scholarship amount varies around $9000 so the hard work is worth it.

  1. Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship

The National Association of Van Valkenburg Family was founded by descendants of Lambert Van Valckenburgh in 1970. Various varioaion in name are allowed (Valkenburg, Valkenburgh, Volkinburg, Volkinburgh, Vollick, Falkenburg, Volkenburg & Velkinburgh), also displayed at their Homepage. They provide a scholarship starting from $1000 to the descendants only either by birth or by adoption.

Left Hand Scholarships

Left Handedness for so long was considered as a habit developed because of careless upbringing. It was associated with all the negative attributes like sign of neurosis, criminal mindedness or a devil’s pawn (eye roll). Some people had sense enough to NOT believe that “One size fits all”. Different traits need not to be considered only BAD. Different can be Unique too. Now left handedness is considered as a trait for musicals and artistic personalities. Getting stuck in the right handed writing desks during exams is going to pay you off now as you can achieve a scholarship only available to lefties. Imagine the reduced competition you will get is the biggest edge you will have as compared to your right handed counterparts. Following are some significant ones given below.

  1. AAST Medical student Scholarships

Applicants are required to be sponsored by AAST member. Along with CV, cover letter and sponsorship letter are to be submitted till June 1, 2016.Further details can be attained from number (800) 789-4006 or from: Applicant must be enrolled in a medical school and they should have attended American Association for the Surgery of Trauma meeting.

  1. American Dissertation Scholarships

Dissertation Fellowship allows the student some financial assistance while they work on their dissertations. Candidates researching in the field of science, technology, gender based researches, engineering are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. Deadline for the application is 1 August-15 November 2016. Further information can be obtained from their website

  1. The Frederick and Mary F. Buckley Scholarship

Juniata College of Pennsylvania is offering this scholarship for individuals showing strong academic record and good leadership skills. Applicant should be enrolled in Juniata College for the past one year. Recommendation letter along with the proof of being left Handed is most important for the selection committee. Grade Point Average of not lower than 3.39 is also a necessity for applying for this scholarship. Additional information can be requested from the college website:

  1. Constitutional Officers’ Association of Georgia (COAG) Scholarship

COAG is a Non-Profit Association, providing scholarships to the high school seniors in Georgia or in process of a GED. It will provide 4 scholarships in 2016. Requirements includes the acceptance letter to an institute in Georgia, previous transcripts of your studies and writing an essay on the topic provided. The scholarships are provided to the left handed students in the field of finance/ accounting, pre-law, political science, government and law enforcement. Deadline for the submission is April 1, 2016.