Scholarships on basis of Physical Attributes

We have always heard “Never judge a book by its cover”. There is so much more to a person than mere appearances. Either a person is tall or short, obese or thin, it is not the physical appearance that you should bother about. It’s the character of a person that you should be attracted to. However, this ideology is not adopted by all of the people. Even being in the 21st century, not belonging to the primitive era and having exposure to the educational resources some people are still stuck with the narrow-minded approach. Due to the attitude of this narrow-minded minority, the so called PHYSICALLY-NOT-SO-PERFECT- people have to bear penetrating stares and silent murmurings behind their back. Some scholarships are available on the basis of these physical attributes with the intent to “lighten the load of the families”.

  • Little People of America

Little people of America offers various kinds of grants and scholarships.

  1. Team Jack Travel funds for Metatropic Dysplasia.

Funding of $1000 is provided for travelling to the DuPont Hospital for Metatropic Dysplasia and other rare conditions. Expenses are provided for the children aged 17 years or younger for their first orthopedic visit. Aim is to facilitate the families with children suffering from different curvatures of spine and other dwarfism symptoms. For the applications LPA office has to be contacted directly. The details are available on their website:

  1. College and vocational scholarships

Applications accepted from January 1-April 30 for the following year. Scholarship grants are limited to two undergraduate while one for graduate studies. Preference is given to members of LPA diagnosed with symptoms of dwarfism or their immediate family. Non-disabled students going through financial issues can also apply.

  1. Kitchen Funds for National conference attendees.

Those attending the conference for the first time can apply for kitchen funds. Grants are ranging from $150-$300. Amount varies depending on the availability of total funds.

  • Tall Club International

Tall Club offers memberships and grants to women with 5’10’’ and men with 6’2’’ tall height. For them tall heighted-ness is a vertical gift. Requirements for the grants include age of 25 years or more and enrollment for graduate or post graduate institute in the upcoming year. Scholarship amount is usually $1000 but can also vary. Further details can be obtained from TCI Foundation Homepage: or questions directed to scholarship Chair at the email: