Scholarships You Must Know Before You Apply

The need for scholarships is ever increasing among the students. As the craze for higher education and get a foreign degree is becoming popular year by year, students applying for scholarships are also increasing. Here is a list of the different types of scholarships that the meritorious students can apply for and broaden their horizon of knowledge.

Need-based scholarship

A need-based scholarship is designed to help the economically backward students. Students whose parents are not capable to support them financially take help of the need-based scholarships in order to pursue their academic dreams. A need-based scholarship is granted after considering certain factors like financial status of the family, cost of living, or the number of children pursuing education in schools. Need-based scholarships can also be given out as scholarships for studying abroad.

Merit scholarships to students with different talents

As the name suggests, a merit scholarship is a scholarship, where the student needs to showcase a consistent excellence in a specific area, be it education or extra-curricular activities.Such scholarships are made available in full or partial tuition. These are not limited to educational grades, and acknowledge different other talents regarding extra-curricular activities. Such scholarships also offered for ethnic backgrounds or for gender such as scholarships for women or as scholarships for studying abroad.

Need-based scholarships are independent of merit scholarship seven if they are scholarships for students to study abroad, but you may qualify for both depending on the program.

School-based individual scholarships

Educational institutions often come up with various financial aids for their crème students. It is mostly in form of individual scholarships and is most often related to a specific program, such as engineering or medical or management scholarships. They may also be issued for academic merit or financial need. School-based scholarships are also given as sports scholarships for certain athletic teams.

Individual scholarships may come directly from the school, or from a private donor who is affiliated with the university. School-based scholarships might also be given as scholarships for students to study abroad.

Athletic or Sports scholarships

Sports or Athletic scholarships are given to top-notch athletes by universities to recruit them in sports teams. These types of scholarships usually are full-ride scholarships. Many athletes compete for these athletic scholarships, but they also