Scholarships for Single Mothers in USA

Fulfilling your aim of further education, with another mouth to feed is an extremely tough job. Being a single mother is not something for the light hearted people. You have to bear the pressure, responsibility, highs and lows of life all alone. To share some financial load off your heavy shoulders, quiet a number of scholarships are now being awarded. Some are listed below available for US citizens only.

  1. Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship

Criteria for applicants includes women of minimum 17 years old with a minor child. Applicant should be enrolled in a non-profit, accredited institute. Low income proof is also needed for the application (less than $20,000 for a family of 2). Scholarship amount is $5000. Additional information can be seen from the website:

  1. National Nursing Scholarships

NURSE corps programs offers scholarship in exchange for commitment to serve for two years at a NURSE Corps site. Applicant should already be enrolled in nursing program of an accredited institute. Applicant should also be free of service commitments, federal debt or federal judgement liens. Monthly allowance of 1330 is usually provided. Preference given to those with most financial needs. Websites contain links for the application form:

  1. The Jackie Robinson Foundation

This foundation assists the financial needs of minority college students. Only one student is chosen, who is provided grant of four years and is also enrolled with JRF’s mentoring curriculum to develop traits of leadership and equip with community service. This grant is available for students starting graduation, post-graduation and also allows a semester abroad during your study program. Amount of scholarship is $28,000. Additional information is available on their website:

  1. Helping Hands for Single Moms

This organization not only provides financial assistance monthly but also helps the single mothers in professional and legal counselling. They help in tutoring during education and contribute towards purchasing the text books. Unrestricted scholarship of $270 per month is also provided along with some financial help with day to day tasks of car maintenance and computer software handling. Applicants must be enrolled in college with GPA not less than 2.8 while taking 9 credits each semester. Further information can be requested from the homepage of this organization:

  1. The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation

The main purpose of this foundation is to help the people in hard social and economic conditions. Eligibility is for students above 25 years of age with GPA 2.0 or better. They can be a high school senior enrolled for graduate program or have already earned their GED diploma. Scholarship amount depends on the number of applicants and extent of the financial stress they face. Their website contains details information: