Tall Scholarships

Yes, there really is a scholarship which is awarded for being tall. For one of the unique scholarships on offer, contact Tall Clubs International to find out more about their scholarship opportunities.

Tall Clubs International is a non profit organization which offers benefit to tall people. Tall people may sometimes face discrimination because of height, and as a result, Tall Clubs International hopes to pave the way towards an easier future for tall young people. This organization has 53 clubs across the United States.

They are currently offering scholarships to first year undergraduate students who are under 21 years of age, and who are 5ft 10″ (178cm) as women, or 6ft 2′ (188cm) as men. Students should be a member of Tall Clubs International, and one member per club is eligible for the award. Students are recognized for their high academic results, or strong sporting abilities when applying.

This scholarship has a value up to $1000 and assists students with college fees

How to apply:

If you’d like to apply for this scholarship, begin by checking whether your local Tall Clubs International is participating in the scholarship program. You can click on this link http://www.tall.org/list-of-tci-tall-clubs.html to find out. If you see “yes” next to ‘scholarship’ your club is participating, and you can contact them directly to find out more details. If your nearest clubs are not participating, you can send an email to Tall Clubs International at tcifoundationscholarships@gmail.com in order to receive more information about the scholarship and to request an application form.

What to put in the email:

Share that you are entering your first year of undergraduate study

Include your city and state in the email

Include the word ‘scholarship’ in the title of your email. This means that your email will be opened.

When to apply:

Applications open in September and close on 1st February.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship